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18 Jul 2024 23:57:45

Agriculture to come out of the ETS

Posted: 11 Jun 2024

The Government will deliver on its election commitment to take agriculture out of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme (NZ ETS) and will establish a new Pastoral Sector Group to constructively tackle biogenic methane, Coalition Government Agriculture and Climate Change Ministers say.


“The Government is committed to meeting our climate change obligations without shutting down Kiwi farms. It doesn’t make sense to send jobs and production overseas, while less carbon-efficient countries produce the food the world needs.


“That is why we are focused on finding practical tools and technology for our farmers to reduce their emissions in a way that won’t reduce production or exports.


“Later this month, we will introduce legislation amending the Climate Change Response Act 2002 (the CCRA) to ensure agriculture does not enter the NZ ETS.”


The amendment to the CCRA will remove agriculture, animal processors and fertiliser companies from the ETS before 1 January 2025. For these organisations, their emissions associated with non-farm activities will continue to be covered by the NZ ETS.


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