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17 Aug 2022 06:14:44

COP26 President visits NZ

Posted: 29 Jul 2022

COP26 President and UK Conservative Party MP Alok Sharma is in Aotearoa after attending the Pacific Islands Forum and visiting Fiji and Australia.


Today he met with the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, and yesterday with the climate, agriculture, and environment ministers, and other politicians as well as the Climate Change Commission.


"I think the key issue though, is about implementation and execution. And again, as I said, this is a consistent message that I'm delivering to every single country is that commitments have been made, and New Zealand, of course, also has a commitment of net zero by 2050.

"Each of us needs to make sure that we are on the pathway to getting to net zero by 2050. And if that means that countries over time, look again, at their [pledges], look again at individual sectors to see how they can speed that up, then, of course, they will want to do that."


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