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18 Jun 2021 06:09:16

Wind farms on the rise

Posted: 06 Jun 2021

Environmental advocates have spent decades calling for renewable power stations to replace the coal and gas burned at Huntly and other fossil-fuelled plants. But Energy consultant Toby Stevenson​, director of Sapere, says this idea only went mainstream with the passing of the Zero Carbon Act in 2019.  Coupled with the offshore oil and gas exploration ban, interest in building wind farms has increased.

The Climate Change Commission sees a big future for wind, as the country aims for net zero emissions by 2050. We’ll need to build 13 new wind farms (each one the size of Turitea - which with 60 turbines, will be NZ's largest when completed) between now and 2035. 

Tilt/Genesis and Mercury have started building farms over the last year, and Genesis is looking into a solar array and another wind farm - as well as a geothermal plant ("as wind and solar are good, but they're intermittent").  

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