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18 Jun 2021 05:25:11

Individualised progressions on the horizon for dairy farming

Posted: 08 Jun 2021

Fonterra, the largest dairy company, produces 20 per cent of the country’s greenhouse gas emissions, with 90 per cent of those generated by its farmers, and effluent from cows has polluted the soil, aquifers and waterways.  

The co-operative says there is no “silver bullet” to remedy the environmental impact, but it is betting innovation, improved genetics and changes in farm practices will allow the country’s biggest export industry to continue.

Projects include:

- several collaborations for feed additives that reduce methane or nitrous oxide emissions

- working to develop animals that are converting feed effectively into milk, reducing greenhouse gases and with a lower nitrogen output

- by the end of this financial year, half its farmers will have their own tailored farm environment plan that measures their farm against good farming practices and rates how they are going, where they could improve and where they are strong

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